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Current & Past Courses Offered

Undergraduate Level Courses

  • MECH 4510 Dynamical Systems (Senior)

Dynamic modeling of mechanical, electrical, electro-mechanical, hydraulic and thermal components. Application of ordinary differential equations, Laplace transforms, and numerical simulation for the response of these systems; response due to initial conditions and to transient and sinusoidal inputs using both time and frequency domain approaches considered. Use of block diagrams and numerical simulation using MATLAB and Simulink for linear time invariant systems is emphasized. Project work includes model identification and synthesis from measured data for first and second order systems.

Graduate Level Courses

MECH 5500 Vibrations - graduate level course (MS & PhD, Undergraduate Seniors can take with permission from me)

MECH 5100 Dynamics and Diagnostics of Rotating Machinery (Condition Monitoring) - graduate level course (MS & PhD, Undergraduate Seniors can take with permission from me)

MECH 5190 Engineering Spectral Processing – graduate level course (MS & PhD, Undergraduate Seniors can take with permission from me)

Other Courses Taught

  • MECH 3220   Control of Mechanical Systems (Junior) 

Design of cams and gear trains and control of mechanical devices. Course topics include: cam sizing and manufacture, cam and gear train kinematics, dynamic force analysis, machine balancing, introduction to the control of mechanical systems. The major project involves the design, analysis, manufacture, and dynamic testing of a cam having specified performance requirements; computer aided design (CAD) and computer numerically controlled (CNC) milling machines are applied. Dynamic simulation (MATLAB) is used throughout the course.


  • MECH 3020 Instrumentation and Measurement Laboratory (Junior) 

Course provides the basic mechanical measurements necessary for mechanical engineers - new course material generated using Power Point with use of web-based material to allow for easy access to all notes and related materials, executive summary web-based video clips overviewing the various labs has been generated. Use of Blackboard and the faculty web-server for course access, discussion area, etc. to allow students easy access to material

  • MECH 4230   Capstone Project (Senior) 

 Students perform independent design work and participate in team efforts to develop conceptual designs from functional requirements. Perform design analysis and synthesis, modeling, fabrication, testing, cost estimating, and documenting the essential elements of the system design. Meets Core Curriculum Essential Learning Outcome for Applied & Integrative Learning (AIL), Information Literacy (IL), and Written & Oral Communication (WOC).


  • MECH 4990/4991   Directed Studies (Senior) 

This course provides seniors in Mechanical Engineering with the opportunity to pursue the study of a technical topic or project, individually under the supervision of a faculty member and, if desired, a responsible project engineer from industry. The course is to result in a term paper or technical report.

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