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Team of Industrial Engineers

Meet The Team

Principal Investigator


Structural health monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics, damage detection, structural dynamics, acoustics, signal processing, rotating machinery, mechanical design and nonlinear dynamics.


Educational Background

The Ohio State University, Mechanical Engineering - Ph.D. (2009)



Murat Inalpolat, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Dr.Inalpolat is currently serving as the Associate Department Chair and has led several research projects related to wind energy, aerospace and automotive technologies at UML. He currently serves as an Associate Editor for the ASME Letters in Dynamic Systems and Controls Journal and has been awarded the prestigious NASA Faculty Fellowship in 2022.Prior to his appointment with University of Massachusetts, he was with General Electric’s R&D Center in NY, leading and supporting research and development projects for wind energy, aviation, transportation and steam turbine businesses with focus on energy, efficiency, dynamics, diagnostics and power density improvement of machinery. He previously held positions at The Ohio State University, first as a research associate and then as a postdoctoral fellow. He was previously awarded by CTI (Car Training Institute of Germany) with the prestigious “Young Drive Experts” award based on his quality of the research undertaken and currently holds three patents on the turbomachinery design, clearances and their optimization.



Prof.Murat Inalpolat

Associate Professor

Associate Chair for Doctoral Studies

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Contact Info:



Office: Dandeneau Hall 216


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  • Googgle Scholar 2
  • ResearchGate

Current Team

PhD Students


Enes Ozdemir

PhD Student


BS, Mechanical Engineering, METU (2020)

PhD, Mechanical Engineering, UML (2020-Present)

Research Projects:

Dynamic modelling & NVH analysis of Electromechanical Transmission Applications


  • Middle East Technical University (METU) High Honor List

  • Summa cum laude - METU

Hobbies & Interests:

  • CAD designing

  • Development of RC road vehicle models 

  • Swimming

Hometown: Ankara, Turkiye



Stephanie Epstein

PhD Student


BS, Mechanical Engineering, UML (2022)

PhD, Mechanical Engineering, UML (2022-Present)

Research Projects:

Machine Learning Enhanced Control of Exoskeletons with Improved Transition Response


  • High Honor List

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Hiking 

  • Skiing

  • Running

Hometown: Peperell, MA



Connor Pozzi

PhD Student


BS, Mechanical Engineering, UML (2022)

PhD, Mechanical Engineering, UML (2022-Present)

Research Projects:

Structural health monitoring of wind turbine blades using passive acoustic damage detection


  • Dean’s List – All Undergrad Semesters

  • Pi Tau Sigma – Mechanical Engineering Honors Society

  • Tau Beta Pi – Engineering Honors Society

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Sustainability and Renewable Energy

  • Skiing, Tennis, Running

  • Amusement Parks (roller coasters)

  • Music/Musical Instruments (Tenor Sax & learning guitar)

  • Card Games

Hometown: Seekonk, MA



Patrick Drane

PhD Student

Technical Program Manager


BS, Mechanical Engineering, UML (2000)

MS, Mechanical Engineering, UML (2003)

PhD, Mechanical Engineering, UML (2014-Present)

Research Projects:

Fundamentals of a multi-mode energy absorbing helmet system for low-velocity impact protection

Hometown: Norton, MA

Visiting Scholars

  • Dr.Oguzhan Das, Department of Aeronautics Science, National Defense University, Izmir, Turkiye (2023)

  • Dr.Duygu Bagci Das, Department of Computer Programming, Ege University, Izmir, Turkiye (2023)

  • Mr.Yuta Miyazaki, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chuo University, (2017-2018)

Alumni of Our Research Group

​Past PhD Students

  • Christopher H. Beale, PhD, “Development of an Acoustics-based structural health monitoring technique for the monitoring of wind turbine blades”, graduated May 2019, currently with Sandia National Laboratory, Albuquerque, NM (Outstanding Doctoral Student of the Year – 2019).

  • Jaclyn V. Solimine, PhD, “Development of robust, data-driven, damage identification techniques for the passive acoustics-based structural health monitoring of wind turbine blades”, graduated February 2022, currently with MITRE, Bedford, MA (Outstanding Doctoral Student of the Year – 2022).

  • Caleb Traylor, PhD, “Computational investigation into the aeroacoustics of wind turbine blades for structural health monitoring, graduated August 2022, currently with University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, MA (Outstanding Doctoral Student of the Year – 2023).

  • Bahadir Sarikaya, PhD, “The impact of manufacturing imperfections on the dynamic response characteristic of centrifugal pendulum vibration absorbers”, graduated February 2023, currently with Exponent, Natick, MA (Two times AGMA Scholar).

​Past MS Students

  • Dylan C. Fyler, MS, “A statistically enhanced system-level design and analysis framework for double-planet planetary gearsets”, graduated May 2016, currently with AirMar Technology Corporation, Milford, NH (Outstanding Masters Student of the Year – 2016).

  • Taylor M. Regan, MS, “An experimental investigation of vibroacoustic damage detection using supervised machine learning”, graduated May 2016, currently with Uptime Solutions – Asset Monitoring Engineer, Lebanon, NH.

  • Nicholas Deane, MS, “Pressure monitoring based identification of the EOD suit – human interface load distribution and ergonomics”, graduated August 2020, currently with David Clark Company-Project Engineer, Worcester, MA.

  • Jay Atulbhai Pandya, MS “Artificial neural network assisted structural health monitoring of dynamic structures under impact type excitation”, graduated August 2021, currently with MIT Lincoln Laboratories - Systems Engineer.

  • Alina Berkowitz, MS, “A data-driven design optimization framework for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries with

  • improved microstructural characteristics”, graduated February 2023.

  • John Yirrell, MS, “Analytical, computational, and experimental investigation on the effect of damage on wind turbine noise generation”, graduated May 2023, currently with currently with Rocket Connections - Senior Data Scientist.

  • German Reyes, MS, “An experimental and computational investigation into the NVH characteristics of in-wheel AC motors”, graduated May 2023.

​Past Undergraduate Research Students

  • Jared Shepard (Fall 2023)

  • Milan Rosic (Fall 2023)

  • Stephanie Epstein (Spring 2022, Spring 2021, Summer 2021, Fall 2021).

  • Aaron Bouchard (Spring 2021, Summer 2021).

  • Kyle Koutonen (Spring 2021).

  • German Reyes (Spring 2021).

  • Noah Bellomo (Fall 2020, Spring 2021).

  • Benjamin Burnley (Fall 2020, Spring 2020).

  • Zachary G. Nelson (Fall 2019, Spring 2020). 

  • Pablo Ruiz (Fall 2019, Spring 2020).

  • Brett Wadman (Spring 2020, Summer 2019, Fall 2019) – NSF REU (Summer 2019).

  • Jairo Vanegas – NSF REU (Summer 2019)

  • Samuel Hurvitz (Summer 2019).

  • Jairo Vanegas (Summer 2019). 

  • Christina Heer (Summer 2019).

  • Andrew Lucey (Spring 2019, Summer 2019, Fall 2020). 

  • William Medeiros (Fall 2018, Spring 2019).

  • Shantoi Forbes (Spring 2019). 

  • Emmanuel Sekyi (Spring 2019). 

  • Iman Nandi (Spring 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019). 

  • Natalya Gage (Summer 2018). 

  • Shanelle Samuels (Fall 2018). 

  • Elesvan Hunt (Spring 2018, Fall 2018). 

  • Joel A. Cora (Fall 2018). 

  • John Yirell (Summer 2017),

  • Omar Hegazy (Spring 2017). 

  • Michael Porter (Summer 2017)

  • Randy Camasso – NSF REU (Summer 2017)

  • Nicholas Vienneau – NSF REU (Summer 2017)

  • Elizabeth Slavkovsky (Spring 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017 and Spring 2018). 

  • Peter Fickenwirth – NSF REU (Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017)

  • Christopher Beale (Spring 2016).

  • Kristofer Tite (Summer 2016). 

  • Marion Kiiru (Summer 2016). 

  • Priscilla Ndikwani (Summer 2016). 

  • Omar Abdelaal (Fall 2016). 

  • Caleb Deravil (Fall 2016).

  • Scott Wojtovitz (Summer 2016)

  • Catherine R. Pelton – NSF REU (Summer 2016)

  • John Perampalam (Fall 2015). 

  • Lesa Duval (Fall 2015). 

  • Jaclyn Solimine (Summer 2014) - “Craig Douglas” awardee

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