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Inalpolat Research Group

Structural Dynamics and Acoustic Systems Laboratory

Avionics Engineering

Welcome to the Inalpolat Research Group (IRG) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UMass Lowell. Our main research focus is on generating new analytical, computational, and experimental techniques and approaches for structural health monitoring of dynamic structures for ensuring a safe, reliable and sustainable mechanical infrastructure.


We gratefully acknowledge the support from our sponsors:


News & Announcements

  • New journal paper by Caleb Traylor just published by the AIAA Journal. See the "Publications" page for more.

  • Enes Ozdemir presented at the ASME IDETC 2023 conference held in Boston, MA. See the "Publications" page for more.

  • Open positions! Inalpolat Research Group (Structural Dynamics and Acoustic Systems Laboratory) has multiple graduate research assistant openings (PhD/MS Level)! See the "Team" page for more details.

  • Our wind energy related research has been covered on the news!

  • Inalpolat Research Group's website is now live (9/1/2023).

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